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OKU Saves You Time and Money

Oklahoma Upfitters is your COMPLETE one-stop upfitting and customization shop for fleets, commercial vehicles, as well as vehicle rental and lease companies.  OKU is an authorized drop ship location with Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and Kia.  We save you time and money!

The OKU Advantage

Transforming and equipping commercial fleets into an income producing asset faster, more economical, and delivering them to the desired geographical location.  We solve all those issues so you can concentrate on the business at hand!

By having the vehicles shipped directly to our secure facility, you’ll no longer need a team of people to worry about moving them from place to place because we have a fleet of car haulers to solve that problem for you.

Upfitting and Customization

Commercial Fleet Upfitting and Customization
Enhanced Productivity
Fleet Paint Dent and Body Repair
Vehicle Cab and Bed Protection
Auto Transporting and Delivery

Meet THE Team

Brian Routt
Brian RouttOwner