Built-in conjunction with Dakota Bodies, the CR Crane body is the
Perfect Marriage of Functionality and Affordability

The CR Crane model has a carrying capacity of over 6,000 lbs. and comes equipped with a heavy-duty Crane reinforcement to lift and load heavy materials. This easy-to-maneuver unit is a smart solution at any job site, no matter how tough the task.

Standard Equipment Features:

  • 16-gauge (A60) galvaneal body:
    We use the thickest steel in the service body industry for strength. We also use A60, treated to prolong the life of the steel in our bodies.
  • 11-gauge galvaneal deck:
    We know that our beds are intended to work, so we use the thickest steel in the service body industry for strength.
    When you load our beds, you can rest assured our decks wont sag, flex, or crack.
  • Full- length rear skirt:
    A one-piece rear skirt that is seamless with an integrated structure. This feature allows a slick and finished look on your rear body.
  • Conduit in understructure:
    Nothing is more aggravating than wiring issues, so we run all of our wiring in conduit to prevent issues associated with ice and debris.
  • Automotive stainless steel rotary latches:
    Keeping your tools safe is the most important component of a working man. Our latches will keep them safe and out of the elements.
    Rest assured, our toolbox latches will meet your expectations.
  • Bolted body for secure attachment:
    Our component bodies are bolted together, making repairs on our bodies easier than any on the market. Need a different configuration?
    Just unbolt one side and put a different configuration on it.
  • 6″ structural steel channel frame rails:
    Because we don’t use roll-formed runners, our structural 6″ channel frame rails are stronger and more durable than any on the market.
    They also prevent any rusting from the interior of the tube.
  • Automotive D Bulb weather stripping:
    Weatherstripping is an important feature of any body. Our doors are sealed with D bulb weatherstripping to ensure that no moisture
    gains entry to the interior of our tool boxes.
  • Multi-panel doors with internal reinforcements:
    CM Truck Bodies uses multi-piece doors, reinforced to prevent flexing and sagging. Our doors will shut, seal, and perform better
    than any door in the market.
  • Warranty:
    4 Year / 48,000 mile warranty