Comtruk Tri-Gate Utility Pickup Beds

Comtruk© is changing the way people use pickup trucks. The Sport Utility Bed (SUB©) and Tri-Gate™ commercial bed feature tailgates and side gates that can be opened or completely removed, allowing total access to the load space.

This no-nonsense workhorse is the easiest commercial decision you will make to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and productivity, improve safety, and improve your brand’s image.

Comtruk pickup beds are designed to meet your hauling needs. Light-duty commercial vehicles can be safer and more efficient. Adventure pickups can carry what you need for heavy-duty fun. The pickup beds are light and strong helping you save on fuel.


Comtruk’s Sport Utility Bed (SUB©) is a load management system that will save your fleet money, improve productivity and safety.

The Comtruk Commercial Pickup Bed has an impressive resume that consists of:

  • Foldable side gates.
  • Lockable side gates.
  • Can be loaded or unloaded from three sides.
  • Quickly and easily secure loads via the T channel integrated into the floor, gates, and adjustable rack bars.
  • The T Slots accommodate standard fasteners and provide multiple options for securing or mounting tools and equipment.
  • Adjustable side steps and handles.
  • Strong and light.
  • Looks great.
  • Load capacity.
  • Versatile.
  • Built-in safety.
  • Integrations ……… easy to attach accessories to heavy-duty t-notch.

Constructed with industrial-grade aluminum the Comtruk side gates are light, strong, and durable.  With more flat load space than a traditional truck bed, Comtruk commercial beds offer a higher load volume.

Comtruk pickup beds offer the newest concept in load management in work or play.  Maybe you operate a fleet or you’re a contractor; you’ll want to explore the possibilities of maximizing bed space with the patented Comtruk Utility Tri-Bed.



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